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The Royal Canaal kayak Club started in it's current location at Royal Canal Avenue, Ashtown in April of 2018. Prior to this the club operated on the Royal Canal off Phibsborough Road for many years. This location was used to host canoepolo competitions during the Phizzfest festivities and also as a training location on Wednesday evenings during the summer months.

From the beginning in Phibsborough players wanted an informal and firendly environment to play and develop themselves and others interested in the sport!

Our Sport

National Canoe Polo Committee

Canoe Polo is basically water polo, in canoes! Teams of five players pass the ball in order to move closer to the opponent’s goal, ultimately to achieve good shooting positions and score a goal! It is difficult to describe the passion and excitement which is created when a Canoe Polo game is in progress. Participants speed the length of the pool, weaving through their opponent’s lines of defence and spinning in their craft to receive passes. It makes for a fast and thrilling event. Canoe Polo can be played indoors or outdoors and is a great spectator sport because all the action takes place in a confined area.

Learn the Rules

The purpose of this document is to provide the rules that govern the way of running Canoe Polo ICF competitions. Select the "Read More" link below to view and download a copy of the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Canoe Polo Competition Rules 2017.

Canoeing Ireland

The Irish Canoe Union T/A Canoeing Ireland was formed in 1960 and is registered as a limited company in order to provide liability protection for its members. It is recognised by the Irish Sports Council and the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) as the governing body of the sport and recreation of canoeing in Ireland. It is affiliated to the International and European Canoe Federations.

Club Committee

Art Fitzpatrick


Simon Lodge


Richard Wagstaff


Michelle Power

Child Protction


Membership Officer

David Lacey

Site Officer

Kevin Duffy

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Competitions Officer

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